Official Visit Empowers MDTCC, Enriches CNI


CNI Malaysia was proud to receive an official visit from the Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism (MDTCC) Yang Berhormat Dato' Sri Hasan Bin Malek, and his delegates on 16 December 2014 at Wisma CNI, Malaysia.


The visit by MDTCC , the governing authority in the local direct selling industry, served to allow the Ministry to familiarise and better understand the operation, standard, and principle that are CNI's culture and practice in producing its wide ranges of products, which have propelled this Malaysian brand to penetrate the global market. The purpose of this visit is also in line with the Ministry's mission to manoeuvre the main domestic sectors that are competent, progressive and sustainable.


The Minister, Yang Berhormat Dato' Sri Hasan Bin Malek, had expressed his approval and admiration for CNI's technological facilities, expertise and manufacturing experience in its commitment to establish that a local company is capable of producing quality products and compete with international companies in the direct selling industry.


This event had been a golden opportunity for CNI to strengthen ties and exchange ideas with MDTCC to further consolidate its strength, especially when MDTCC has granted CNI the invaluable 5-year AJL (Direct Selling)licence as CNI celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The VIPs from MDTCC were accompanied by Dato' Koh Peng Chor,Chairman of CNI Holdings, Bapak Yanki Regan, Chairman of CNI Corporation and Sepang Goldcoast, Frederick Ng, President of DSAM, media representatives, and CNI's Double Diamonds.

Malaysia's special envoy, Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting visited CNI China


October 24, 2014, Malaysia's special envoy, Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting visited CNI China and expressed his good wishes. Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting has made great contributions to political and economic development as well as cultural exchange between Malaysia and China. Tan Sri has welcomed a number of Chinese dignitaries to Malaysia and repeatedly visits China, meeting with China's national leaders. Tan Sri Ong had accompanied Malaysia Prime Minister visit Xiamen University, which led to the establishment of research institutions between Xiamen University and University of Malaya, which increased mutual understanding between China & Malaysia.


Tan Sri Ong visited CNI China and enthusiasticly enquired on CNI's business operation. CNI China CEO, Mr. Pek Keng Leong explained in detail to Tan Sri Ong about company current business development, blueprint for future development, CNI culture and also charitable activities undertaken in recent years. After knowing that CNI China's business is growing and involved in charity for many years, Tan Sri Ong felt very pleased. Tan Sri Ong said: "CNI Group of Companies is Malaysia's outstanding Chinese enterprise which contributes to economic and cultural development. I hope CNI China together with CNI group of companies which has 28 years outstanding business philosophy, excellent management & operation can tighten the relationship between China and Malaysia; and I wish CNI China can persevere."

Former Chinese ambassador is visit to CNI China


On September 10, 2014, former Chinese ambassador to Malaysia, Datuk Chai Xi and his wife came to visit CNI China. Mr. Sam Cheong, CNI Corporation Group Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Pek Keng Leong Director of CNI China, warmly welcomed them.


Datuk Chai Xi and his party wished CNI China continued blessing and expansion. On the occasion to get direct selling license in China, Datuk Chai Xi said,"In the coming days, I hope CNI China's grand plans will flourish in the Chinese market to provide better products for the general public to enjoy, and create more employment opportunities for the further development of bilateral economic and trade relations between Malaysia and China.

Grand launching of CNI Global New Pro-JV Plan


The official CNI Global Grand Launch was held last September 29, 2013 at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. CNI Global, which was set-up in July this year, introduced an all-new Pro-JV Plan, which is a departure from the traditional MLM business structure.


An estimated 2,000 distributors and guests from all over Malaysia, Borneo and Singapore attended the glittery event. Management representatives from the CNI global offices were also present to witness the joyful occasion.


CNI Global is an interesting turning point not only for the company, but for all its business partners as well, heralding a global business opportunity from the comforts of one's own home ground.

CNI Indonesia Desires to Create Independent Entrepreneurs


The anniversary of CNI was lively celebrated in CNI Creative Center, Indonesia, with given theme 'CNI 28 Years Extravaganza' and aimed to develop enthusiasm and optimism of CNI members in welcoming the year 2015. CNI invites all CNI branch representatives from Medan, Makassar, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Bandung, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Balikpapan and Denpasar. With an approximate total of 4,000 members. 

The award was presented by Prime Minister, Y.A.B. Datuk Seri Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi on 25 August 2007 to CNI Chief Executive Officer, Sam Cheong Chin Tai.


CEO of CNI Indonesia, S Abrian Natan says that through CNI business, it has been proven to create many successful and independent young entrepreneurs. "We hope that our members are more loyal and supportive to new changes of CNI and make CNI as business," adds Abrian. Miss Universe from Portugal, Patricia Da Silva, was also present at the show and had the opportunity to have a look at CNI Extravaganza Expo and CNI Product Gallery.

CNI China donated musical equipment to Lushan Middle-School


On April 20, 2013 after the earthquake, a reporter from the Economic Daily News in an interview in disaster areas in Sichuan, heard the song of "Yaan don't cry, Lushan don't cry". This dramatic song, at the time, in the absence of any instrument accompaniment, expressed strong and unrelenting spirit in the school and the people in the disaster area, uplifting feelings of gratitude. The newspaper immediately in a prominent location published "Yaan, don't cry, you must see the sunrise of tomorrow".


CNI (China), after seeing the reports, was very touched, decided to make some donations to the Lushan middle school. After research and preparation, according to the school's needs, CNI (China) bought pianos, guitars, drums and other musical instruments and audio equipment.


CNI (China) Vice President Mr. Sun Changqing made a special trip to the school, he said at the donation ceremony, "experience the earthquake disasters, the cracks in it more or less will give the children shadows in the heart. But the music has a magic power, can edify sentiment. While bringing happiness to the students, inspire their morale, music will also let the children to be strong to face life and the future. Therefore, the company donated two standard music teaching- rooms with a group of musical equipment, to help more students to know and love of music, let the positive energy of the song resound through the campus."

Overcoming Joints Problems with Well 3 Joint Plus


"Every person has a risk of suffering osteoarthritis without any exception. Similar to osteoporosis, this illness is suffered by many elder people. However, athletes, active workers, and people with obesity are also risky to suffer this illness, although they are still young," says dr Jafri Hasan SpOT during the seminar on "Early Detection of Osteoarthritis" in CNI Creative Center Building, Jakarta.


Teddy Kunrat, Head of Branch CNI Jakarta, as the organizer of this seminar says, this program is held in the framework of CNI's care towards osteoarthritis. This program is expected to be able to provide education on the danger that will be encountered because of osteoarthritis. This health seminar also constitutes a series with the launching of the latest CNI product, Well 3 Joint Plus, a health supplement to overcome joints problems. A healthy lifestyle is very necessary, such as satisfying the need for calcium, sufficient exercises, as well as to have ideal body weight. To eliminate pain in joints, Well 3 Joint Plus can be the right choice to be consumed every day. Well 3 Joint Plus may also improve flexibility of joints as well as to provide stimulation for the re-growth of cartilage.

Yayasan CNI charity dinner raised RM250,000 for single parent family caring programme


The "10 Years Unchanged Love Appreciation Charity Nite" organised by Yayasan CNI on 11 October at Centro, Klang was a great success. The dinner was attended by the public, corporate figures, CNI leaders and distributors who donated kindly. 77 tables were opened and RM250,000 was successfully raised. The Single Parent Family Caring Programme is a new milestone for Yayasan CNI in taking up a challenging social responsibility of assisting single parent families improve their life.


Among the interesting programmes that night were a catwalk performance by 4 Caring Ambassadors and 2 single parents and their families, ballet, Indian and Malay dance performance and the theme song "Ai Xin Bu Bian" performed by singer Chan Kwok Fai, and its Malay version "Cinta Tak Ubah" sang by Kyra Neng. Caring Ambassadors also donated items for the charity sales that night like an evening gown by designers Khoon Hooi and Jason Yek, 2 men's shirt by designer Jonathan Cheng, a pearl necklace donated by 8TV host, Owen Yap, and a painting by artiste Phillip Wong. All proceeds from the charity sales went to the Single Parent Family Caring Programme.

CNI Talkshow "Go Green"


Global warming has been a global issue which has damaged the earth. Concerning this issue, CNI held a Talkshow " Let's Support 100 Million Planting Trees, Go Green and Awake Our Nation" at CNI SBD Puri, Jakarta on December 22nd 2008. This event was attended by Minister of Forestry of Republic Indonesia, Mr. M.S Ka'ban as a keynote speaker, 400 hundred students, NGO and public.


CEO CNI Indonesia S. Abrian Natan said that without all support from the people, global warming will become worse than ever. About 30% of the land in Indonesia composed of forest, We can take an important role to save the environment. He also said that we could significantly contribute to eliminate the effects of global warming.


Goverment has published Keppres No 24/2008 to declare November 28th as Indonesia's Planting Day and December as National Planting Month. MS Ka'ban gave his appreciation to CNI for its initiative to arranged this event. He also encourage all people to show their concern by planting more trees in their neighbourhood, "one person, one tree".

Business Cell Workshop TAGAYTAY


In every customer-oriented business, customer-loyalty is perhaps, one of the most important aspects of growing the business.


The Business Cell Workshops organised by CNI in Tagatay and Dakak recently is testimony to this commitment.


The Business Cell Workshop was held in Tagatay from 23 to 25 May 2008. 17 qualifiers from Northern Philippines attended this 3 days/2 nights workshop at the Estancia Resort Hotel, Tagatay with its majestic hill view vista.

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